VIP travel guide website now on WordPress 4.8, travel companion blog.

The VIP travel companion now has a new website based on WordPress version 4.8. As a travel guide, we can now actively operate a blog with travel reports.

VIP travel companion  on WordPress.

The individual customer requirements for the topic of travel support are diverse. In addition to the accompaniment and the travel planning for individual tours, we should stay informed about the current hotel standards. This also includes an impression of hotels – which means the spectrum from three stars to the luxury hotel. Or at least to have a feeling for the desired claim and to have appropriate bookings.

Blog for travel guide.

Thus we have now as travel companions or also on private trips suitable a short travel reports or a conclusion to a trip, a holiday region, city or a hotel to form. We will publish some of these impressions in our new blog.

The technical part.

WordPress offer numerous responsive themes (design templates), many technical plug-ins, which can be used not only around the topic of travel. Complete backups, regular backups, SEO, photo galleries and much more ensure a safe and comfortable handling of a website. There are of course also comments or a contact form available.

Our travel reports.

Although not all travel reports are up-to-date, we would like to provide our readers with a short report on our various travel topics. You need not only a travel report, but a guest advisor for your corporate customers or a travel companion, please contact us. In addition to the services of the VIP travel guide, we also offer the travel planning of your individual journey.

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