Image: Travel Companion Ostseebad Binz

Travel companion for the Ostseebad Binz on the island of Rügen.

In our capacity as travel companion, we have, in December 2016, the Rugard Beach Hotel in the Ostseebad Binz on the island of Rügen in Germany. In order to meet the high demands of accompanying customers, it is always necessary to have some hotel addresses in the backstay.

VIP travel companion in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz on the island of Rügen.

A guided tour to the Strandhotel in December – in the middle of winter – on the Baltic Sea and then on the island of Rügen? This may sound strange to the reader, because the Baltic Sea is usually used for bathing and to take sunbathing on the beach. But winter also has its advantages on the island of Rügen. The beaches are not crowded and you can book relatively cheap accommodation packages for the travel companion. Whether it is one of these packages, a savings package and whether it is a suitable product for us as a travel companion, we wanted to put to the test now. Of course, the keywords are Luxushotel or luxury travel here, but of course this is always realtive.

Booking the hotel at the Baltic Sea by the travel companion.

Thus we as a travel companion at the Rugard Strandhotel, located in the Ostseebad Binz a booking for 6 nights. The hotel bookings for our hotel test took place on the website of the Rugard Strandhotels. Both booking single or double rooms was possible in the online booking system. However, a combined booking of single and double rooms was difficult. Apart from this, the booking platform is very clear after the selection of the travel data, first select the desired room type, then you can take a look at the different rates. For demanding customers of the travel companion, high-quality rooms with a view of the sea can be booked here.

Winter fairy tale for the luxury trip in the Rugard Strandhotel.

We opted for the package “Wintermärchen” 6 for 5. Immediately after the booking, the Rugard Strandhotel sent us a booking confirmation by e-mail. The package included the following services:

6 nights incl. Breakfast
4 x half-board feast buffet
1 x Theme buffet
Free safe
1 x candlelight dinner
1 x welcome cocktail
1 x surprise on departure
Use of the Children & Youth Club
Free Wi-Fi
Towel and bathrobe service
Use of bathing and saunas

Luxury Hotel? – Price package Rugard Strandhotel.

The offered winter tale (6 nights stay – 5 pay) was confirmed for the booked double room with an amount of EUR 728,00. This corresponds to a daily price of EUR 121.33 per double room or a price per person and day of EUR 60.67.

In addition there is the tourist tax of EUR 1.50 per day and person in the low season, in the main season the tourist tax is currently EUR 2.60.

Payments are in cash, with EC-card (free of charge) and paid credit cards possible (Visa + 2%, American Express + 3,5%). This point will presumably change in future due to the changed legal situation.

Check-in is from 3 pm.
Check-out is before 11 am

Travel with the travel companion on Rügen.

The VIP travel companion is, of course, also happy to assist with the booking of train tickets or the organization of a rental car. Here we describe the impression of our arrival. On Monday, December 5, 2016, we started our trip to the Hansestadt Hamburg. The regular route runs across the A1 to Lübeck and then via the A20 motorway in the direction of Rostock. At the Autobahnkreuz, take the E251 to Stralsund. Thanks to the relatively new high-rise in Stralsund and the expansion of the federal road B96n, the journey to the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz is significantly faster than it was a few years ago. This is also thanks to the discerning traveler.

If there are traffic problems on the A1 motorway in the direction of Lübeck, you can take the A24 and then drive via Schwerin or the B207 towards Ratzeburg.

Moving along the A20 there are three ways to reach the island of Rügen over the city of Stralsund. Either continue on the A20 to the motorway intersection in the direction of Stralsund or take the “Tribsees” exit and then shorten the country. This variant is about 10 KM shorter, but around 10 longer. The last possibility is longer in time, but not necessarily less interesting. Take the A20 in the direction of Rostock onto the A19, then take the Rostock-Ost exit in the direction of Rövershagen. In Rövershagen or shortly before you can visit the Karls Erlebnis-Dorf, which is interesting on the one hand and is ideal for a break. If you continue your route in the direction of Stralsund over the B105 you save up to Stralsund about 15 KM, the journey time should then extend for a quarter of an hour. It depends on what priority you set.

In the town of Stralsund you cross the Hochbrücke and can have a first wonderful view of Rügen and the Baltic Sea throw. After about 40 minutes you reach the Ostseebad Binz and the Rugard Strandhotel. This completes the journey for your personal luxury journey. Of course, we are flexible for the VIP travel companions, and our travel companions are available to you flexibly. Also available from Austria or Switzerland.

Arrival and welcome in the 4.5 star Luxushotel.

At the front desk we were very friendly a Mr. D. and convinced on the whole in his appearance. Shaking hands, questioning how the journey was and explaining the most necessary things. He also had a parking lot for our vehicle, but for a surcharge, since this island is often high-frequency. This was a plus for the hotel we had. In the Ostseebad Binz it does not seem to admit free parking spaces.

The history of the Luxushotel: Arbeiterseebad Haus Rugard.

As far as our research results are concerned, the foundation stone for the Rugard Strandhotel was laid in the 1970s. At that time – still in times of the GDR – the island was one of the most popular destinations. In 1975 the FDGB-Ferienheimes “Rugard” was put into operation. The house of Rugard already had a Bernsteinbrunnen at that time. FDGB stood for the Free German Trade Union Confederation.

So it is not surprising today that the Rugard Strandhotel at first sight is not a modern design object.

The first impression: room and terrace.

We received a woolly warm double room with balcony / terrace, which we always cherish as travel companions. At the time of booking only standard rooms with and without balcony to the land side were available. From our terrace we looked into a planted courtyard. Directly under the room was probably the swimming pool area, which was probably also the comfortably warm room temperature explained.

Already at the room door we were greeted by a heart-shaped welcome sign. In the double room itself we found a bottle of free mineral water and a small plate full of delicacies. A note would have been nice, whether the delicacies are vegetarian or vegan products. Both the TV and the safe made a relatively new impression, the safe was otherwise relatively small.

On the bed we found bathrobes, bath kelves and a bag of towels. This was our armament for the wellness area of the Luxushotels. Really relaxing and entertaining will be a guided individual journey on the Baltic Sea only through a suitable wellness area. Luckily, the Rugard Strandhotel has a very generously designed wellness area, which corresponds to the size of a luxury hotel.

The cleanliness of the room was acceptable, not perfect but acceptable. The room was as far as also fully equipped with soap, towels, toilet paper etc. Also the functionality was given. The general condition of the rooms as well as the hallways is OK. On closer inspection, however, it can also be seen that this is not a new construction of the newer years.

As far as we as travel companions with our hotel review no great criticisms found.

The location of the hotel: beach promenade, Prora, Baltic Sea and a lot more.

The tested Rugard Strandhotel is located in the eastern part of Bad Binz and is directly on the beach promenade, like most other hotels also. Leaving the hotel and running around the hotel, you are already on the beach promenade with a view of the beautiful Baltic Sea. From here it is about 1.100 meters to the well-known Seebrücke from the Ostseebad Binz and thus at the same time to the center of the Ostseebades. There are several restaurants and various shopping possibilities. With a big city such as Hamburg or Berlin these possibilities are not comparable.

The KDF seaside resort in Prora.

If the beach promenade or the beach in the opposite direction, one reaches 2,5 km to Prora. Prora was to become one of the largest KDFs (power through joy) in the times of National Socialism. Around 20,000 people should go on holiday here, even if one of the longest buildings in the world – in several building sections – is here, the planned bath with its festaal and jetties for the KDF fleet was not completely completed.

At the time of the German Democratic Republic, shortly after the end of the second world war, Prora was transformed into a barracks. Here, too, construction soldiers were stationed and – according to our information – this area was also classified as strictly secret. After the reunification of the FRG and GDR, the Bundeswehr took over this area. After that, the plant was left unused for a long time, and operator projects could only be carried out separately.

For a few years, Prora has been reborn as a new “prora”. Most blocks are being renovated, apartments have been built as a capital investment with a special depreciation and a hotel. So there is a lot of activity here and the facility is still used as it was planned 80 years ago. At least, if the propaganda propagated at that time can be believed.

Wellness on the Baltic Sea on the island of Rügen.

Back to the hotel review of the Rugard Strandhotels in the Osteebad Binz. Especially on the cold winter days wellness is an essential part for the recreation on the Baltic Sea. After a spasm at the beautiful sandy beaches of the Baltic resort of Binz and Prora, the use of the Saunalandschaft of their respective Luxushotels.

According to the hotel, the spa area of the Rugard Strandhotel is about 3,000 square meters. In the lower part there is a hairdresser, a wellness center, for example. For massages, a swimming pool and a sauna area. The sauna area is decorated with 4 places for foot baths and a varied Kneipgang. There are also four saunas, including a spice tan, a 65 degree sweating sauna, a Finnish sauna, and a Locanium. There is also a steam bath, a fresh air room, a relaxation area with four water beds with a massage function and a heated Roman-style stone bench.

In the Finnish sauna there are currently two daily infusions daily, in the past there were probably three more. During our stay once the steam sauna was off and the footbaths worked as desired or not. Even if the sauna area is not technically up-to-date, it is a beautifully designed area, in which you can relax. Snacks, tea and Rügen water contributed to the well-being. In addition to the swimming pool, there is also a bar where drinks can be ordered.

The variety of the saunas ensures that everyone finds their suitable relaxation zone. As far as our hotel test is concerned, we must point out that it is rare in this price range to find such a large-scale wellness area. As a travel companion, we are thrilled.

Cake and coffee in the afternoon.

If you do not want to visit the wellness area immediately after your morning program, the Rugard Strandhotel in the 5th floor has the possibility to take cakes and coffee. In addition to an acceptable coffee and cake, the guest is spoiled with a first-class view of the Baltic Sea and some neighboring buildings.

Excursions: From the Baltic Sea resort of Binz to destinations on the island of Rügen.

With its relatively central location, the Ostseebad Binz is certainly not the worst starting point to discover the island of Rügen. The Ostseebad Binz itself also has two stations.

The first train station is about 700 meters from the Rugard Strandhotel and is suitable for the arrival and departure with the German train. With the IC 2212, for example, From Koblenz and, among other things, the stations Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bremen and Hamburg to the Ostseebad Binz Reisen. From Hamburg it costs a single journey – adult – with the IC regular EUR 64, – per route. From Koblenz it is the current EUR 139, – per route. If a train connection is suitable for you and you have a little advance, the savings offers offered by Deutsche Bahn can also be used.

At the second railway station – Address: Bahnhofstraße 14, 18581 Ostseebad Binz – runs the Rügen bathing track called Rasender Roland. The Furious Roland is a very old steam train running on parts of the island of Rügen. The journey in this train corresponds to a time travel. The single ticket currently costs between EUR 2.20 and EUR 11.00. From the Ostseebad Binz you can go in the direction of Putbus or Sellin and Göhren. The train station is about 2.8 km from Rugard Strandhotel. Even the pre-ride of the Furious Roland is an experience.

One of the most famous excursion destinations in the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Sea resort of Binz is the hunting lodge Granitz. It is about 4 to 5 KM from our Luxushotel, depending on whether you walk through the forest or through the center of the Baltic Sea. In the vaults of the hunting lodge Granitz is also a restaurant, it is the “Old distillery”, which has convinced us however little.

Visitors can reach the 38-meter-high central tower of the Granitz Granite Jetty, which offers a wonderful view of the island of Rügen. The price for adults is currently EUR 6, -. Since a journey by car is not allowed, you can either go on foot or with the so-called Jagdschlossexpress to arrange your arrival or departure. With the Jagdschlossexpress, the journey starts and ends at the Seebrücke in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz. Alternatively, the Binz-Ost parking lot is also available on the L29, and the Jagdschlossexpress also starts there.

A relatively new sight on Rügen is the treetop trail at the Naturerbezentrum Rügen – Address: Forsthaus Prora 1, 18609 Binz -, which was opened on 15 June 2013. This tourist attraction is around 5.5 kilometers from the Baltic Sea resort of Binz. On the ground floor there is a pay parking, alternatively you can go here with the Jagdschlossexpress. The Jagdschlossexpress starts in this stretch at the Seebrücke Binz, but also stops directly in front of the hotel of the Reisebegleiter. The stop has the name “Hotel Rugard”.

In the Naturerbezentrum Rügen one learns a lot about the development and development of the landscape of the island Rügen. The 40m high observation tower “Adlerhorst”, from which you have an excellent view over the island of Rügen, is located in the center of the “Baumwimpfad” path. From here you can see Prora, the Bodden and the Baltic Sea. In cold weather and wind, it can be uncomfortable on the viewing platform. Thus we recommend travelers in the winter months warm clothing and in summer perhaps a light jacket.

Binz is an experience, even without a car.

For those who are looking for a relaxing holiday, you can spend a week without a car in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz, as there are many places of interest nearby or the Jagdschlossexpress.

Particularly during the winter months, the half board of the Rugard Strandhotel is recommended, as not all restaurants are open in winter on the island of Rügen and you do not need to go out in the evening.

Unfortunately the Sixt car rental company from the Baltic Sea resort of Binz has been relocated to Bergen, 15 kilometers away. What makes short-term and cheap renting in the place difficult and a week rent makes recommendable.

The next airport should be located 125 kilometers away Rostock-Laage. The hotel offers, as far as we know, a shuttle service on request.
Destinations on the island for travelers with car.

If you travel with your own car or a rental car on the island of Rügen with or without travel companions, you can find further sights.

For a day trip, for example, the auto- free island Hiddensee offers itself. After Schaprode it is about 40 km from the Ostseebad Binz, from there it goes by the ship.

If travelers leave the island of Hiddensee at the same time, the time is also sufficient for a visit to Cape Arkona. To do this, you have to go to Putgarten and from there you can reach the Schinkel or Peilturm on foot or by shuttle. Cape Arkona is the northeasternmost point of the island of Rügen and lies about 40 meters above the Baltic Sea. The approximately 45-kilometer-long return from Putgarten to the Rugard Hotel takes about 50 minutes, here travelers can also use the services of the VIP travel companion.

Probably the largest attraction on the island of Rügen is probably the royal chair and the Viktoriasicht.

Half board during the winter months.

After a long day, the Rugard Strandhotel is a great place to enjoy dinner, which is offered in buffet form. The guests are offered an early and a late meal time. With regard to the rice we have given, we have provided a rough overview for our travelers.

The rating of the travel companions includes a rating of the later food time from 7:30 pm, as we preferred the time before for the use of the wellness area and / or day trips. Furthermore, our hotel review is limited to vegetarian dishes.
Dinner at the hotel test.

The Rugard Strandhotel has a total of three areas where travelers can dine. On the sixth floor “Restaurant KÖNIGSSTUHL” on the one hand the breakfast takes place almost regularly and occasionally also the dinner. On the fifth floor – in the “Restaurant Bernstein” – there is coffee and cake in the afternoon and later in the evening the dinner. On this floor – right next door – you will also find the “Rugard’s Gourmet”, which is said to have received a Michelin star in the past. The visit to the “Rugards Gourmet” is not included in the normal half-board.

The “Restaurant Bernstein” is probably named after the Bernsteinbrunnen, which is located in the restaurant of the same name. In connection with a piece of cake – in the afternoon – travelers with or without accompaniment can take a look here. For the sake of completeness, the Störtebeker Bar is also home to the Störtebeker Bar in the first floor. Now back to dinner.

During our review in December 2016, both breakfast and dinner on the 6th floor took place in the “Restaurant KÖNIGSSTUHL”.

On the first visit to the restaurant KÖNIGSSTUHL we were greeted warmly and we were allowed to choose a table which was then made available to us for the entire travel period. During our stay, we were taken care of by a waiter and a waitress. Both were masters of their subject, and especially the lady convinced not only through a friendly kind, but also through her skilled craftsmanship, which she exercised with passion. The beach hotel can be proud of such employees.

What food was offered during our stay? On most days there was plenty of choice for us as a vegetarian. Here is an excerpt from the menus of these days.

Day 1:

Broccoli, shrimp, potatoes, rice, noodles … (Short overview)

Day 2:

Stewed cod filet with Riesling foam
Steam potatoes in cress
French fries
Chicken Haxe with Letcho
Green cabbage with wild crackers
Stuffed noodles and walnuts under a cheese hood
Braised ox cheek

Day 3:

Fried plaice fillet with panachee and arugula
Veal slices with mushrooms
Spicy cabbage with carrots and cream
parsley potatoes
Celery mashed potatoes
Braised wild boar, Burgundy sauce

Day 4:

Fillet of sauté fried in dill cream
Fine peas with Dutch sauce
herbal triplets
Corn breast in mango peppers
potato croquettes
Kalbstafelspitz in own jus
vegetable rice

Day 5:

Steamed red barley, mustard sauce
fried potatoes
Potatoes with Shiso
Full grain spider in blue flower – vrebene / walnut kernels
Hacksteaks in mushroom cream
Sauerkraut with panache
Braised steaks in their own jus

Day 6:

Roasted fillet of beef with lobster foam
Chicken roulade in tarragon sauce
Broccoli with almonds
Steam potatoes with chive butter
Potatoes gratin with leeks
Stuffed noodle candies in Roqufort-Veloute, granulated
Baked pork tenderloin, sauce Bernaise

There was daily soup every day and a wok. Salads, a cheese buffet and night tables were also offered. In the area of the night table were also included different ice cream varieties, chocolate sprinkles, vanilla sauce and cream. All travelers should be satisfied.

On the day five of our trip we were somewhat disappointed, as on our arrival in the restaurant – 30 minutes after the beginning of the meal – the fried potatoes were not available any more. It is hard to understand, that it is not enough to make fried potatoes, which are so popular. Overall we were more than satisfied on all days and were satisfied with the quality of the food. It must be noted, however, that the food is never good if you keep it warm and some food has suffered under this process. Nevertheless, we can recommend the dinner at the Rugard Strandhotel – also for a travel companion – unrestricted.

Varied breakfast on a high level.

On 06 December 2016 we found in the morning in front of our door a little to the Nikolaus, a liveable gest, which we as hotel testers and travel companions appreciate our hotel.

As already described above, the breakfast is served in the KÖNIGSSTUHL restaurant on the 6th floor and in a generous period from 08:00 to 11:30. A table reservation is not possible here, so you can sit every day somewhere else, but with the fantastic view over Binz and the Baltic Sea also its advantages can have. The waiters cover the tables, bring the travelers the coffee and clean the dishes used. Everything else you can get at the breakfast buffet.

The variety of the breakfast buffet is impressive, there is a very wide offer. In recent years we have experienced in our hotel reviews and travel hardly anything comparable. Here is an excerpt from the breakfast buffet in the tested travel period:

A selection of different juices. Warm milk, Chaitee, other teas and ginger water. On some days, there was even sparkling wine on offer.
Daily changing cakes.
A selection of at least six different varieties of milk.
A wide selection of different rolls, bread and even organic buns.
Different varieties of yoghurt, Birchner muesli, and different fruit.
Cheese buffet with different varieties.
Sausage buffet with different varieties.
Small pancakes, sausages, fried ham, strudel, baked tomatoes, strudel with parsley and in addition you can also fried fried eggs.
Two varieties of organic jam
Various muesli varieties
As a specialty the Ayuverda corner should be mentioned, here are four components available, which can be combined wonderfully. If you can as a traveler for the Ayurvedische kitchen inspire.

Here every guest should find something for himself. It is not only the variety, but also the offered quality of the food, which convinced us as travel companions. Certainly there are delicacies in the upscale 5 star hotels, which are not to be found here, but we are sure that the Rugard Strandhotel will satisfy even the most discerning palate of a traveler.

The value for money in the 4.5 star hotel in Binz.

For the evaluation of our destination and the price-performance ratio of the Rugard Strandhotels, we can hold the following. The travelers in the 4.5 star hotel is much offered, but who is now expected to perfection down to the last detail is expected to be disappointed. This can not be expected at this price, especially if you consider that the mentioned perfection in some 5 star houses has a daily price, the Rugard Strandhotel for six nights (December 2016) to be remunerated.

This offers a first-class price-performance ratio.

Conclusion: Rugard Strandhotel in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz

We have taken the 4.5 stars Rugard Strandhotel in Binz under the microscope for any VIP Reisbegleitungen and the recreation factor of the Baltic Sea resort Binz – located on the island of Rügen – the room quality, breakfast, half board and the wellness area, from our travel companions, To the test. There is also a beauty area and a hairdresser, but these facilities were not included in our hotel review. There is no fitness room in the house itself, but there is probably the possibility in a partner hotel the fitness room to use.

Can one endure it in the winter months in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz? In a wellness hotel like the Rugard Strandhotel, this is not only possible but also very pleasant. Binz itself offers a good location for day trips and also the Ostseebad Binz offers a little change.

Taking into account all aspects of our hotel review, we come as a travel companion to the result, the Rugard Strandhotel is recommended in the winter. A real Luxushotel is the Strandhotel however not, it offers travelers with and without accompaniment an excellent price and performance ratio. For a luxury trip you can recommend the hotel thus only restricted, less demanding VIP’s or seniors can spend here however in the course of a accompanied individual journey a nice time.

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