The VIP Service Spröde offers travel companions and guest services on your accompanied individual journey. Discover with us, your management or the guests of your company Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Of course, other countries in Europe are possible.

VIP Service Germany

With the VIP service you leave behind a hectic life on the road. On the journey from Hamburg via Berlin to Munich or Salzburg you do not need several flights, different limousine service, tour guides or changing vehicles.

Travel companion

The VIP service offers you a travel companion who is your contact person throughout your journey. He is not only your travel companion, but can also take over the travel planning, ie the travel management. On request, the travel companion can also act as a chauffeur or relieve you of other points on your individual journey.

Corporate hospitality

The VIP service for travel is a kind of mobile guest service, where many options can be used, but of course do not have to. The choice of the forestry vehicle is up to the guest, whether cruise ship, private jet, train or rental car.

Luxuryhotelshotel or 3 Stars Hotels

Especially in the overnight area there are a lot of possibilities on the journey. Cheap three to four star hotels, five star hotels and five star hotels that are special.

Of course, these standards exist in all areas of travel. When flying for example in the classes Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First or Private Jet. When traveling by train in Germany e.g. first and second class. Also, when booking a limousine service, there are several classes such as Business, e.g. Mercedes E-Class, or First as the Mercedes S-Class.

In the car rental area, there are a variety of rental car categories in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. From the small car, over the middle and upper class, but also convertibles or SUV are found there.

Travel planning

In addition to the guest service on trips or a travel companion, our VIP service also offers the possibility of travel planning. So we can set a variety of parameters for your trip. These include e.g. Itineraries, places, attractions, hotel classes, type of travel agent and much more.

Alternatively, spontaneously travel and let drift. Do you know these guided tours, where there is a fixed schedule and you only rush from one place to the next?

With an accompanied individual journey you have the opportunity to choose what you like and how long you want to stay there. A trip is not only sightseeing, but also your vacation in which you should recover.

If you like a place on your itinerary especially nice, then we plan the trip just spontaneously. It does not always have to be the sights in the cities, discover the Hochalpenstrasse or the Königssee in Bavaria near the cities of Munich and Salzburg.


Experience the Schloss Herrenchiemsee on the Herreninsel in the Chiemsee and enjoy fantastic views.


Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, your travel companion can usually book a hotel at short notice on the trip.


In Europe there is much to discover and also many possibilities to plan an individual travel with a travel companion.

Already in Germany one can discover many goals with the VIP service. In the north the beautiful Baltic Sea coast with the island Rügen travel. In Bavaria, there are a variety of travel options, the Chiemsee, Königssee, the Zugspitze or Neuschwanstein Castle. But also in the north there are e.g. the Harz National Park, the Lüneburg Heath, the Alte Land or even bird sanctuaries like the Tister Bauernmoor.

The cities also have much to offer. The Hanseatic city of Hamburg not only has the harbor, but also an erotic mile. The capital Berlin with the Brandenburg Gate, the government buildings, the Reichstag or the remains of the Wall that have separated West and East Berlin for so long. Also Dresden is worth a trip and not only because of the Semper Opera.

However, Europe is much more than just Germany. Salzburg in Austria is right next to Bavaria with its numerous sights. Paris is also only about 1,000 kilometers from Hamburg. The golden city of Prague in the Czech Republic is less than two hours by car from Prague.

If you want to get further away, there are, for example, in Slovenia the second largest pot cave in the world “Postojnska Jama”.


North of Germany comes Copenhagen in Denmark. On the border of Denmark and Germany is Tønder, in this place couples can easily be trusted.

Behind Denmark comes Sweden with its nature, the water city of Stockholm and the Arctic Circle.

On which of your personal dream routes may the VIP service accompany you with its guest services while traveling?
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